Professional Google Adwords PPC Setup and Management:

Are you ready to dominate Google AdWords?!


The fastest way to results is with Google AdWords. Finally, you will receive targeted leads that convert into new customers!


‣AdWords Management Fee’s


Easy to understand AdWords management pricing. – Our AdWords fee’s are included as part of the total budgeted AdWords campaign.


$1000 – $1499 monthly budget = 40% management fee
$1500 – $1999 monthly budget = 35% management fee
$2000 – $2999 monthly budget = 30% management fee
$3000 – $4999 monthly budget = 20% management fee
$5000+ monthly total budget = 15% management fee


* AdWords management requires a 6 month minimum commitment and $499 setup fee.

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Our AdWords management services are full service PPC management services. This includes; setup, split testing ads, keyword research and regular management to insure maximum return on investment.