Are you looking for new effective marketing mediums to spend your local businesses marketing expenses on? Tired of throwing your hard earned money away on false promises by internet advertisers? Here at Central Florida Marketing we have decades of combined experience helping people just like you to become successful online. We have tracked the search engine traffic stats for the following internet advertisers and have observed excellent results for our happy clients.


In order to become a part of the Yahoo directory your busienss needs to pay them annually $299. Yahoo equates to approximately 20% of all search engine searches and the $299 annually is money well spent. – A sure win. Guaranteed best return on investment!

Better Business Bureau:

The BBB has an annual cost of $299 as well. In order to be a part of the BBB you are required to prove that your business has a business license. The big search engines know this and consider this to be a big part of their ranking factors because it signifies that you are a legitimate business.


Yelp offers monthly plans that vary in price ranges. Stats show that Yelp returns a good quality lead for the clients that we serve.

Smaller internet directories use BBB and Yahoo to update their directories. So when you sign up for both of them your business will get indexed in dozens of other directories.

View our list of the top 60 business directories.