You are not alone. Just like millions of other people you happened across this blog post while digging through the internet, as if the holy grail of SEO strategies  to be found. – And just like millions of people you are wasting your time working too hard sorting through trash information about SEO strategies.

Success is in sight. First stop over-thinking and start taking decisive action.

While there are endless new Google indexing algorithms to consider for SEO strategies much is still the same and will remain timeless in the internet. Progress is not going to be made until you focus and create new content about your brand.
Are you making videos about your products and services?

Video’s have proven themselves to be the most effective form of media anywhere. People stay and watch videos. People link to videos. – And there is no better way to convey trust then with video.

Do you have a running blog on your website that is updated on a weekly bases?

Let me ask you this: What is the internet? What’s the simple answer? Well, the internet is information that is linked together. Pretty simple right? As a business owner your businesses secondary job just after providing a quality product or service is to provide the internet with quality information that helps people. START BLOGGING AND NEVER STOP. – Become the pulse of your industry and be rewarded with rankings in Google.
But I own a local business and the competition is fierce. – No successful business owner ever thought that. Change your thinking!

Competition is a good thing, it means that there is money to be made! The local results in Google, Yahoo, Bing and beyond are reliant (in part) by the amount of times that your businesses name, address and phone number are listed in other smaller business directories. – Citations (a fancy name for business directory listings) play an integral role in ranking your business high in Google and beyond. Sign your business up for the top 60 citations.
But there is so much chatter on the social media sites that it feels difficult to be heard. – So, chat more. Chat often.

Every business is only as successful (worth as much) as the list of past customers or prospects that it has established. The more that you participate in social media the more exposure that your business is going to receive and the larger that your list is going to grow.

Twitter makes it easy to update Facebook. Simply navigate to the >settings >applications tab within Twitter then connect Facebook to your Facebook page. As easy as 1-2-3.

Want more? Of course you do! If you have not yet heard IFTTT is a wonderful service that allows you to syndicate your status updates and blog posts on automatic to dozens of other platforms. – Extend your digital footprint with IFTTT.

Last but not least. – Be consistent! Establish a yearly SEO strategy way ahead of time.

You need to create a 2018 SEO strategy and stick with. Create several new blog posts a week. Create several new videos a month. – And don’t drop them all at once! Let your content trickle out over time. If you are a WordPress fan then you will be happy to know that WordPress will automatically post your blog posts at the later date specified. There are even WordPress plugin’s that will update your social media accounts of your new blog posts on automatic!

– Automation is key to SEO strategies.

Did you like this blog post about 2018 SEO strategies? Great! View our blog and learn more about other internet marketing and Google tricks. See you there! –CFM Staff